What is it?

Traditional Chinese medicine is a centuries old medicine that has evolved from the concept that the body has a natural flow of Qi (life energy) that course through a network of invisible channels (meridians). It is believed that when the body is in balance, Qi moves our blood and body fluids to ensure they are flowing freely. Environment, dietary and lifestyle imbalances have the ability disturb these movements by either slowing them down, depleting them, or overwhelming them.

It is thought that when there is stagnation or a blockage, pain will result. 

Acupuncture and other techniques, such as cupping and Guasha described below, are employed to assist the body to reset, align and trigger its natural ability to heal.


What can it be helpful for?

  • Pain & injury management - acute and chronic
  • Hayfever/sinusitis
  • Migraine/headache
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • Women and men's health 
  • Fertility and pregnancy
  • Mental health and wellbeing - stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD, addiction
  • Bell's palsy
  • Stroke rehabilitation 
  • Chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia
  • Digestive conditions
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Weight loss

... and much more, contact us to find out if there is something more we can help with.

What to expect

An initially comprehensive conversation will take place detailing current concerns, health history and desired outcomes. Your pulse will be felt and your tongue observed as they are important tools for pattern diagnosis; so please no need for a tongue brush prior to your appointment. 

Following this your treatment will commence with your consent.  You may be required to de-gown to your undergarments, appropriate draping will be provided. The treatment principle provided is individualised based on your pattern presentation utilising either only acupuncture or in-conjunction with additional techniques beneficial to your needs.

Acupuncture feels different for everyone. Insertion may not be felt like a mosquito bite that quickly fades. Obtaining Qi is a sensation that may feel deep, a heavy ache local to the needle or it may radiate, this is a desirable outcome and a sign your body is responding positively.

It is important to eat before treatment (small amount is fine). Acupuncture is not advisable of an empty stomach.


Please note price increase effective 1st August 2022

Initial appointment - unto 90mins  - $125

Follow-up appointment - 1 hour - $90


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique of inserting fine needles into the skin at specific points of the body. Acupuncture corrects blockages and nourishes where there is a decline to optimise health and healing.

Dietary Therapy

With an understanding that food has different properties and qualities, and so too do our individual body's, we can tailor your diet to greater achieve goals of enhanced vitality and energy .


A form of heat therapy using a Chinese herb, Mugwort (artemesia vulgaris), that is safe and used for warming and nourishing the body. Burning dried herb may be placed on the tips of needles, placed on the skin directly or in conjunction with ginger, garlic or salt or it may be burning stick held above and specific point.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

A prescribed formulation combining Chinese herbs taken, usually internally, to address particular patterns of disharmony or to nourish and build the body to support vitality.


Electro Acupuncture

A machine can be connected to acupuncture needles giving tiny vibrations of stimulation, this has be shown to enhance treatments when used for particular conditions.


Qi flow, blood circulation and elimination of toxins via bringing them to the surface can be achieved with this technique. Oil is applied to the skin, then a flat smooth tool is applied in a scrapping motion with varying levels of pressure depending on the desired outcome.


This is a technique used to promote circulation, remove toxins and move blockages. It is performed by creating a suction in glass cups that are placed at specific points on the body. These may be applied to acupuncture points directly or onto the area of blockage and left for a time or they may be applied to the skin with oil and then the cup is moved along the channel.

Qi Gong  

Life energy cultivation”

This is a system of slow flowing body movements, similar the Tai Chi, that incorporates rhythmic breath-work and allows the mind to calm to a state of meditation. Designed to bring balance between the body, mind and spirit. Qi Gong is thought to have a therapeutic healing effect.

Facial Rejuvination / Cosmetic Acupuncture

Specialised acupuncture needles together with traditional techniques are performed to enhance underlying muscle tone and reduce fine lines ... leaving you with a natural glow!

An appointment can be made specifically for facial rejuvenation and will include facial, together with constitutional approaches.  You will be shown and provided with the tool for self care techniques to supplement your treatments from the comfort of your home.


Initial appointment - 1.5 hours - $150

Follow-up appointment - 1 hour - $100

*Not claimable with Health Insurance